Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Support for the Humanist Academy in 2009

Since Uganda Humanist Schools Trust started operating at the beginning of the year we have raised over £25,000 to help the schools in Uganda. Our main aim this year has been to help the Humanist Academy, which is the newest school and has the greatest need of help.
The money raised from supporters has provided 32 four-year scholarships, which were all allocated to the Humanist Academy. In the first part of the year we also received 25 one-year scholarships, 10 of which were allocated to the Humanist Academy. The remaining 25 were split between the Isaac Newton and Mustard Seed Schools, both of which received additional support from other Humanist organisations.

Scholarship money has allowed the Humanist Academy to recruit 42 bright but needy children who would not otherwise be in school. General donations have made it possible to help the school and the children in a number of other ways:
£800 towards the salaries of science teachers
£1000 for science textbooks
£800 for science equipment
£2000 for improvements to the access road to the school
£1500 for textbooks in arts subjects
£240 toward incidental costs

In total we have transferred well over £13,000 to the Humanist Academy in the period April to September 2009 and, as a result, the school is showing real progress. (We have also bought books, science equipment and provided scholarships to the other two schools.)

In November we are running the first International Friendship Week involving the Humanist Academy and Isaac Newton School. This will involve running educational and fun activities with the students and staff of the schools. We hope to repeat this with all three schools in early July 2010 and hope that some of our supporters will consider joining us to help out. We have posted information on our website:

We welcome your ideas on fundraising, grant making or any other matters which you think might be helpful. In a recent email Deo Ssekitooleko of the Humanist Academy asked me to convey the following message to donors:

Thank you very much for helping our poor, needy and orphaned children. Without your support many would not have been able to be at school. We are requesting you to help these poor children again the coming year. With your support you empower these young humans to have hope and look forward to a respectable dignified life in the future.”

We are using email and this blog to communicate with supporters in order to minimise costs but please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like us to send you printouts of the attachments. We do hope you will continue providing support to the schools, which is very much appreciated.

Steve Hurd
Chairperson, UHST

Please note that every pound that is donated to the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust goes to the schools in Uganda for educational purposes. Any administrative costs are paid personally by Trustees, including the costs of visits to the schools in Uganda.